Pile of Prints

Present your photos as a stack of prints with this fully-automated set of actions! Utilizing 3 different pile variations, 2 custom backgrounds and a fully layered final product, you can make this popular effect a breeze and customize the look to your heart’s content.

Fun FX: Vivid Vision

This snappy action gives an instant boost to those images needing a little zing! Think contrast, saturation, and vibrance all in a slick little package. A great way to add a punch and bring your pictures to life!

Denim & Leather

Back from an action-creating hiatus, I’m officially back in “action” and giving you this fun effect to download for free and enjoy! If you’ve ever wanted to “make your stamp” or have some “brand recognition”, then you can’t pass this up!

Highlight FX Volume 2

Easily create dramatic and flexible image “highlights” with this set of 15 diverse actions! With inspiration from the original Highlight FX set, these actions are built upon the idea of emphasizing a particular area of an image. Formerly a paid action set, it is now available free of charge!

Fun FX: Digital Corruption

Here’s another free file for all you action lovers! This effect takes a normal image and gives it a blocky, “digitized” look. While you may not choose to use this for your next wedding album, it should be a handy effect to have on your shelf when you need to …

Fun FX: Film Urban Blue

You know this effect. You see it in many moody period and urban movies — that cool, overcast, blue effect that makes it feel like winter whenever you’re outside. Well, this quick little action will emulate that style with just a couple of clicks!