Flare Brushes Supersized (Volume 1)

This is an update which I’ve had on the back of my mind for years. I made my original flare brushes back in 2002 for Photoshop 7 (yep, you heard right). Consequently these brushes were small, and contained various sizes. Now you can download an entirely new and updated “Supersized” …

Stylized: Retro Set

Go “Retro” in seconds with this new “Stylized” set containing another dozen actions! A variety of realistic and artistic effects are produced, and each one is easily customized to suit your image and preferences. This set, formerly for purchase only, is now available free of charge.

Stylized: Sepia Set

Make professional sepia-tone adjustments in a flash with this set of 12 actions! Six of the actions make adjustments on color information present in the photo, and six of them produce a monochrome effect. This set takes advantage of various layer adjustment techniques which means that you have full control …

“Titan” Text Effect Tutorial

Reflections are “in” with Web 2.0, and there are numerous tutorials out there which detail how to produce simple shadows for text. However, in this tutorial I am going to walk you through the process of incorporating both reflections and realistic shadows to produce a stunning text effect.

Magic Skin Tutorial

In this tutorial I am going to take you through the process of several portrait photography enhancement techniques — particularly as they relate to enhancing the appearance of skin. This tutorial is a companion to my Magic Skin Action Set, which I will be referring to throughout the tutorial. Before …

Autumn Leaves

This colorful, varied style set consists of leaves, leaves and more leaves. Perfect for fall or for a splash of color!

Legacy Set

Here’s a hodge-podge set of 12 styles that have replaced some of my old text effects.