1930’s Glitter Text Effect Action

Be transported back in time to the age when the upper class ladies adorned themselves with long, flowing dresses covered in sequins. Relive the glitter and glamour!

1930's Glitter Action

1930's Glitter Action


This action recreates the era of glitz and glam by putting these colorful sequins all over your text! You have the option of changing the color of your glitter, and when the action finishes all layers are in tact and placed into a handy layer set for maximum flexibility.



Photoshop CS and higher

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  1. Dennis B says:

    Love this! mega thanks!

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    • Jessica says:

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    • Dhanushya says:

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  3. imtiyaz says:

    very useful but not a lot is bright.

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    • Edson says:

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    • Marie says:

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  5. jt says:

    It doesn’t work as well as the photo exAMPLE ABOVE. THE photo looks realistic above, while when you apply the filter on my end the text looks fake and plastic-like in a bad way

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  8. catman says:

    I can’t seem to get this action to show up in ps cs6. I went to load actions but it did not load.

    • Jason says:

      You have to copy the file and paste it in the actions folder.
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Presets\Actions

    • Ara says:

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    • Ranjit says:

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  12. Laura says:

    Very pretty and very useful! TY!

  13. kevin says:

    Does anyone know what the font is being used for the word, “glitter”?

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