1930’s Glitter Text Effect Action

Be transported back in time to the age when the upper class ladies adorned themselves with long, flowing dresses covered in sequins. Relive the glitter and glamour!

1930's Glitter Action

1930's Glitter Action


This action recreates the era of glitz and glam by putting these colorful sequins all over your text! You have the option of changing the color of your glitter, and when the action finishes all layers are in tact and placed into a handy layer set for maximum flexibility.



Photoshop CS and higher

File size:

4 kb


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  2. Doug says:

    Hi could you explain how this action is implemented.
    I have set the text…….then what?

    Thank you

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  5. Dinesh says:

    details and sources, check out past posts about these iegmas: More From..THE GLITTER GUIDE Spice It Up: Global Glam Kitchen (For Under $650) Vignette: Peony Play

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    • Samuel says:

      I love the first image the most- it has beautiful light and very moody felenig to it. I think you could try cropping it tighter, maybe square, without loosing the feel of the photograph.

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