Denim & Leather

Back from an action-creating hiatus, I’m officially back in “action” and giving you this fun effect to download for free and enjoy! If you’ve ever wanted to “make your stamp” or have some “brand recognition”, then you can’t pass this up!

What will your tagline be? (Fonts: “Perdido” and “Bleeding Cowboys”)


This simple-to-use action creates some classic blue denim, and then sews on a worn leather patch. You get to create your own brilliant (or corny) tagline. It’s pretty much the greatest thing since… well, since they’ve been sewing leather patches on denim jeans, I guess!



Photoshop CS3 and higher

File Size:

7 KB


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  1. This is perfect for what I need. How do I make it work? I’ve run it in CS6 with two layers – a background layer and a text layer – but I just get lots of stop errors and your default output. Is there a readme.txt I’m missing? Thanks – Mark

    1. Mark,
      You don’t need to set anything up beforehand. In fact, you don’t even need to have a document open. The action will create its own document and run completely independent of any setup steps. Just open PS, click the action, and go!

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