FinesseFX Vignettes

Create beautiful and professional vignettes for your images quickly and easily with the FinesseFX Vignette Set! This comprehensive set was designed to allow photographers to apply a variety of vignettes very quickly while still allowing a high level of customization within each effect.

FinesseFX Vignettes Action Set
FinesseFX Vignettes Action Set


Included with this package are two sets of actions, instructions, and a few custom shapes. The first set of actions is for Photoshop CS and above (with the exception of the “Shape blur” actions, which are CS2 and higher). The second set was designed specifically for Photoshop CS3, and allows even more creative freedom after the actions are finished by incorporating the use of Smart Filters!

Both sets contain the following types of vignettes:

1.) Simple Color — Classic vignette with easily customized colors
2.) Smoky — A very romantic and beautiful smoke vignette
3.) Blurred Memories — A hint of nostalgia with a zoom technique and sepia tone edges
4.) Drawn to You — Subtle zoom technique with darker edges (customizable after completion)
5.) Worn & Torn — A grungy, streaky effect which is easily customized
6.) Spot Focus — You choose the spot to focus on, and the action blurs the rest
7.) Shape Blur — Uses the “Shape Blur” filter to create unique vignettes

For the Photoshop CS & CS2 set:
Within each of the 7 types of vignettes, there are actions for both rectangle and oval vignettes (with the exeption of the “Spot Focus” vignette, where you select a custom area). In addition, there are actions for images with approximate sizes of 2, 5, and 8 Megapixels. For images not within this range, or for those wanting more customization of the effect, there is also a “Custom” action for each of the vignette types. With the custom actions, you are allowed to modify selection areas and options of filters applied as you play the action. In total, this set contains 43 seperate actions!

For the Photoshop CS3 & above set:
The CS3 set of actions have been compiled specifically to take advantage of Smart Filters. This means that when the action is complete, you can customize the filter settings (or add & delete filters) at will! This set consists of the modified rectangle and oval custom actions from the CS set (The actions for different image sizes are eliminated. Simply follow the onscreen instructions and adjust the smart filters when the action is complete to get the perfect settings for any image). There are 13 actions included in the CS3 set.

With all of these actions combined, you will have a veritable vignette action library at your disposal! These actions make creating vignettes for one or multiple images (just use the Batch function!) a breeze. The total of 56 actions contained in this package means that you are paying less than $0.75 per action!




Photoshop CS and higher


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