Fun FX: Film Urban Blue

You know this effect. You see it in many moody period and urban movies — that cool, overcast, blue effect that makes it feel like winter whenever you’re outside. Well, this quick little action will emulate that style with just a couple of clicks!

Film Urban Blue Action


The Film Urban Blue action will create the blue effect on a duplicate layer of your flattened image, utilizing adjustment layers and smart filters. When the effect is complete, you can choose to leave the layers in place to fine-tune the look, or you can choose to merge the layers for simplicity.



Photoshop CS3 and higher

File Size:

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  3. Roger says:

    I guess they had one of these a couple of weeks ago as well, my hbausnd wanted to go I’m not so sure about bees though, you might be able to talk him into going with you!~ This is the store we got our chicks from

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