Highlight FX Action Set

This dramatic and varied set of 6 actions takes your images and creates a window around a portion of the picture. It also surrounds that window in a variety of different backgrounds and borders which set off the window, leaving you with a unique and attractive picture effect! And now you can get the entire set absolutely FREE!

Highlight FX Action Set
Highlight FX Action Set


The actions included in this set are: Sepia Highlight Soft Edge, Sepia Highlight Glass Edge, Pastel Painted Jagged Edge, Sepia Highlight Rough Inner, Wintertime Spatter Edge, and Old Window Jagged Edge.

One of the great things about this set is that it is so easily customized to suit your picture and your preferences. You get to choose exactly where the window will go, and even after the action is completed, you can still move the window! Of course the actions are all left in layers (and the layer styles in tact) so you can edit, duplicate, scale, etc., any part of the picture. Scaling the layer styles, putting the effect on different backgrounds, adding text, etc. are all options that are easily acheived.

On a personal note, I would like to give credit to Robert Anselmi and his “Magic Eyes” action, and also Matt Kloskowski’s tutorial on photoshopuser.com for inspiring the idea and parts of the techniques used in this set.




Photoshop CS and higher


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