Highlight FX Volume 2

Easily create dramatic and flexible image “highlights” with this set of 15 diverse actions! With inspiration from the original Highlight FX set, these actions are built upon the idea of emphasizing a particular area of an image. Formerly a paid action set, it is now available free of charge!

Highlight FX 2 Customized Effect


With the Highlight FX Volume 2 actions, you take an image of your choosing and apply your choice of background (“canvas”) and foreground (“cutout”) effects to produce a “highlighted” image effect. The basic formula is a zoom and blur of the original image (which becomes the “canvas”) and choosing a key portion of the original image to use for the “cutout”. The set includes a setup action which prepares your image for the effect, 7 “canvas” actions and 7 “cutout” actions. Each canvas action has a corresponding cutout action for a single theme, or you may mix and match for almost 50 possibilities. The themes are:

  • Autumn Orange
  • Moody Eve
  • Misty Blue
  • Earthen Brown
  • Dark Retro
  • Faded Retro
  • Vivid Lens

Once the effect is complete, you have complete freedom to change the layout and look. With adjustment layers, clipping masks and layer styles, you can tweak the color/exposure of both canvas and cutout, change the size, positioning, border color and sizing of the cutout, and more — all without adding any additional elements to the composition. An instructional PDF is included to walk you through some of the basics of using the actions.

Of course then you can go ahead and add text, decorative elements, textures, etc. (like you see in some of the preview images) to produce any number of impressive works of art!




Photoshop CS3 and higher

File Size:

128 KB


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