Correct skin glare and blemishes with ease using these two powerful actions!

Magic Skin Action Set
Magic Skin Action Set


We’ve all been there. That portrait you shot was perfectly composed and it looks very nice — except for that ugly greasy shine on the model’s skin. How about those candids — some bad glare from that flash? Perhaps your lighting and focus was perfect, but every blemish, pit and wrinkle was captured in marvelous detail along with the rest of the image!

These were some of the issues with the sample images on this page. However, the two actions contained in this set (“Grease and Shine Removal” and “Skin Smoothing”) will go a long way to remedy these nagging problems. The top sample image was shot by me for a friend’s wedding. The other two before/after examples in the gallery are stock images. I have written a tutorial describing my workflow on the wedding photo so that you may get the most out of these actions.

The “Grease and Shine Removal” action simply and effectively reduces glare on skin. You airbrush over problem areas and the magic happens! Plus, you can adjust the effect to suit when after the action is over.

“Skin Smoothing” produces a gentle blended effect for your skin. I must acknowledge the very good and popular tutorial by Mizuno as the basis for this action. I thought putting this workflow in action form would be convenient. However, if you want to learn more about the process, check out his tutorial. As with the other action, you airbrush in the smooth skin and get to see the magic occur. This effect is also easily customizable. If the end result looks a little too “porcelain dollish” to you, try simply reducing the opacity of the smooth skin layer.




Photoshop CS and higher


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  5. Hi, I’m thrilled about this action!!!!! I just discovered it and tried it out.
    Waw, it’s amazing!!! I’m making a before and after to put it on my blog.
    Thank you a millon times for this, this will change my life… I’ll go check out your site now..

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  7. I have used this action set with good results, so first of all, thank you. 🙂 However, after using grease and shine removal action several times successfully, I tried to play it yesterday and it told me the “invert” command is unavailable. Can anyone point me to what might have gone wrong? The file was a flattened file, same as before, and I don’t *believe* I’ve changed any settings globally…but clearly, something has changed that is causing the action to not work properly. Please help if you can, because I really like this action! Thanks!

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