Photo Filters

The “Photo Filters” action set was created from several common workflows I often encounter in processing images.

Photo Filters Action Set

Photo Filters Action Set


This set contains 8 different “Filters” and one action giving some basic instructions. The actions included are: “Soft Filter (Glow)”, “Soft Filter (Subdued)”, “Soft Filter (Dream)”, “Lighten (Without Fading)”, “Lighten (Xtreme)”, “Skin Tone Warming”, “Nature Photo Enhancement”, and “Antique”.

This diverse set should be useful in many different instances as a “quick fix” or a “starting point” for your images. On some of the filters, a few options are given for fuller customization of the final effect. The “Antique” filter is the most complex, as it applies a variety of subtle details to the image to give a truly “olden days” feel to your picture. Some of these details are noise, sepia toning, scratches, and stains.




Photoshop CS and higher

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  1. Anne says:

    Beautiful. I’ve been wanting to get this effect on my pictures for a long time, but I couldn’t find a tutorial on how to do it. Now it’s even easier! Thanks!

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