Pile of Prints

Present your photos as a stack of prints with this fully-automated set of actions! Utilizing 3 different pile variations, 2 custom backgrounds and a fully layered final product, you can make this popular effect a breeze and customize the look to your heart’s content.

“Random” Pile w/border | Photo by Earl Wilkerson


“Tidy Offset” Pile, no border | Photo by Earl Wilkerson


“Tidy Offset” Pile, single image | Photo by Earl Wilkerson


“Fan” Pile, w/border | Photo by Earl Wilkerson


“Fan” Pile, single image | Photo by Earl Wilkerson


Customized Effect | Photo by Earl Wilkerson


Included in this set are 3 main styles (“Random”, “Tidy Offset”, and “Fan”) which determine how your “pile” of prints is created. Within each style, you can choose to include or forego a border around the prints. With the “Tidy Offset” and “Fan” styles, you can also choose to create your effect with a single image, rather than multiple images.

Also included are 2 actions which will create a custom background to your effect: “Rough Wood” and “Old Canvas”. Run one of these actions after the main effect is complete.

Rounding out the set is an “Instructions” action, which will give you some pointers on how to use the set. This action, along with the 10 varying effects actions provide a quality, flexible set of options for creating this effect with ease and speeding up your creative workflow!

All the effects are left in layers so you can duplicate photo layers to add additional images to the stack, play with border colors and sizes, reposition individual elements, add adjustment layers to specific layers, and pretty much do whatever you’ve a mind to do!

Best of all, I’m giving this complex action set away for free! The only payment I would ask is that you subscribe to FinesseFX’s RSS feed, so that I can build my subscriber base and you can be among the first to know when more great Photoshop resources come available.



Photoshop CS3 and higher

File Size:

12 kb


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