Pseudo HDR

Took a great photo, but don’t have mutliple exposures to create an HDR image? Simply don’t want to spend the time creating HDR images? Then this action is exactly what you’re looking for! In just a few simple steps, this action will mimic that dramatic High Dynamic Range look.

Pseudo HDR Action

Pseudo HDR Action


This action offers the ultimate in customization as you can tweak virtually every effect applied to the image to suit your particular image and taste even after the action is complete! You have complete control via adjusment layers, layer masks, and layer blend modes and opacities (and yes, it works great with Photoshop CS!). You should find this both useful and fun!




Photoshop CS and higher

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  2. annie says:

    just tried out your HDR action. Many thanks, I love it

  3. AfroMerry says:

    Beautiful piece of photoshop action. Thanks. It’s a time saver :)

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