Pseudo HDR

Took a great photo, but don’t have mutliple exposures to create an HDR image? Simply don’t want to spend the time creating HDR images? Then this action is exactly what you’re looking for! In just a few simple steps, this action will mimic that dramatic High Dynamic Range look.

Pseudo HDR Action

Pseudo HDR Action


This action offers the ultimate in customization as you can tweak virtually every effect applied to the image to suit your particular image and taste even after the action is complete! You have complete control via adjusment layers, layer masks, and layer blend modes and opacities (and yes, it works great with Photoshop CS!). You should find this both useful and fun!




Photoshop CS and higher

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  1. Jayden says:

    How do I install it once it is downloaded CS6, thank you.

    • VPyash says:

      simply unzip file > double click the file >it will automatically get installed > now goto window options > action. you will find Pseudo HDR file there, just select and apply.
      or in case double click doesn’t work. goto window > action > load action.

  2. Rebeka Sara says:

    Thanks for this action. I will use it for my design project. This will save my time on working. I am a professional designer and design service provider.

  3. […] helps you to clean up your HDR images by removing the digital gray and enhancing the contrast.Pseudo HDR Simulate an HDR look with complete control over adjustment layers, layer masks, and more.Fake HDR […]

    • Hana says:

      Hei, Rune.Flott blogg og mange herlige bieldr. Staerix og den iiiskalde “pelshatten” nedenfor her har jo jeg sansen for :)Tar med meg linken og kommer innom igjen :)

  4. […] This action creates an HDR (High Dynamic Range) look. Link: […]

    • Mohamad says:

      I like your picture…my brhtoer keeps trying to get me to try the HDR and maybe sometime later I will. I like this one because it doesn’t look fake. The ones that look fake are pretty, but they don’t appeal to me.

    • Dinesh says:

      Hi, and sorry if my english is bad. I wish to ask. What can I do to rcveiee your autographed photo? If I have to send a fanletter to you, will you let me know an address for you in Australia. Please, it will make me so proud if I’m the lucky one.Have a nice day michelleYours sincerelyAnni Pia Jensen

    • Willfredo says:

      Get the 60d. It is the best dslr camera you can get for price and qutialy, and versatility. Remember a camera is just a tool. What do you need it for? Low light, pro use, casual use, stedicam work?

    • Muhammet says:

      BEST photography book I’ve EVER read!!! This third eitidon of Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson is brilliant! In the first 30 pages, I’ve gotten more information on how to use my camera settings to take creative photographs than the dozens of books I’ve read, or all the courses and seminars I’ve taken. And all for less than $20!Some reviews have suggested that this book is only for the very basic beginner. I beg to differ. I have been counseled by and shadowed many professionals who’ve been in the industry a number of years, (never mind all the money spent on books, videos, seminars, clinics and courses). After spending any time with the pros, I was always certain that the only way to get the best photos was to get a bigger bank account to be able to purchase the best, most up-to-date gadgets, special lights, expensive strobes (in multiples), and super expensive/fancy lenses. Oh let’s not forget the assistants that you’ll also have to hire to hold some of the gadgets. And yet, most of their photos looked so homogenized and truly a product of all the photographic stuff rather than the camera. I kept thinking that maybe I was just not getting it. I was almost convinced that obviously, all the creative photos are just good quality, basic photos which have been processed, and re-processed in one or more editing software programs such as Photoshop (another one of the must have gadgets). NO!! Bryan Peterson explains how to really use the camera to get that creative shot. After all, capturing a photo, is really nothing more than capturing and manipulating light. He makes it simple enough for the beginner to understand, and yet, without being condescending, can teach (or remind) the pros of the all-too-frequently overlooked simplicity of how to use only the camera, considering ISO, aperture and shutter speed to work in harmony to get a one of a kind’ photo.One of the statements I have heard all too often from professional photographers is that the on-camera flash is useless. Interestingly, I have found it to be a godsend in many photographic situations, and then get accalades from the same professionals about the quality of the lighting. Hmmm Anyway, Bryan Peterson shares information on what I’ve already discovered; the on-camera flash is another great tool that already comes with your camera.I will, in all fairness, confess that I have a DSLR, so I can’t deny or confirm the book’s subtitle of how to shoot great photographs with any camera and how it relates to the point and shoot’ cameras.

    • Alfredo says:

      Hi Pete,It is good to see you are keeping the ball rliolng on this topic! You know my view on it. I think it is clear that everyone manipulates images and have been for years and years and , I think the point that most people miss is that not all photographers are honest and open about it. Regarding the picture above, point 1, is (in my opinion) technique and has little to do with bad’ manipulation, by that I mean digital and/or post manipulation. Points 2 and 3 are for sure manipulation, but it is acceptable for two reasons: 1, because you the photographer has decided that it looks better that way as a finished piece of work and 2 because you are honest about it. An acceptable level of manipulation will never be found, why? Well quite simply because there isn’t one. In this day and age anything goes. And to be quite honest I find it crazy that people are not more honest about their SKILLS in Photoshop. I am sure that most people who read this blog have at some point dabbled at some level with Photoshop, it ain’t easy to do the stuff some of these cheats’ do. There are several magazines that sell millions of copies world wide that are based purely on image, manipulation in Photoshop.My personal opinion is this; nothing is ever going to change until attitudes change, image manipulation is not a bad thing, if it means I can enjoy my Scottish Highlands Calender that my parents send me every new year that little bit more then Huuuraaaa! But to the people that care about these things, I bet they would look at an image and its related article/message with more intensity (with want for a better word) if they knew to what extent (if any) the image was manipulated. I certainly do, I think of it as the behind the sense bit at the end of David Attenborough programs, and I love that bit!I think this is my first official rant, sorry it ended up on your blog Pete, it was certainly not intended!Cheers S PS no one was interested in the behind the sense bit at the end of David Attenborough programs until they were told about it. But it is always the bit that gets the layperson hooked!

  5. annie says:

    just tried out your HDR action. Many thanks, I love it

  6. AfroMerry says:

    Beautiful piece of photoshop action. Thanks. It’s a time saver :)

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