Here is another complete makeover of one of my old text effects! Come see the softer side of text…

P.S.+ Action

P.S.+ Action


P.S. was originally inspired by the idea of that “afterthought” tacked on at the end of a letter. As such, the effect gave text a soft, gentle feel. Although this action has been completely made over, the inspiration behind it is the same. The action renders a gentle effect with muted colors and soft edges. Enjoy!



Photoshop CS and higher

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    • Angeles says:

      I definitely agree that it is vingtae and I like the edit a LOT! There are different variations of vingtae so really its just your preference..from my little experience Ive always seen vingtae edits have a lot of greens & yellows or orange-y colors…and this is a prime example of a yellowish/green vingtae and it really adds a whole different meaning to a photo! I love vinatge and yes, vingtae things are supposed to look older/washed out!! I think you did superbly!

    • Wadson says:

      Yes everyone has his/her own opoiinn and that is what makes it so much fun. And what you see on your computer may be different than mine. I never knew that until I looked at my daughter’s computer and her colors were way different than mine. So there ya go. MB

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