Psychadelic Satin +

A simple text effect that produces colorful, swirling and down-right trippin’ text! A lot of fun. Check it out and download it for free.

Psychadelic Satin Preview

Psychadelic Satin Preview


My very first action has now been updated and enhanced! Looking back on that original creation, it’s easy to see that we’ve come a very long way since then. This updated version covers your text in a psychedelic gradient intertwined with swooshes and swirls and bottles it all in a reflective glass container.



Photoshop CS & higher

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  1. Laura says:

    Sweet! Like this a lot! Thanks again.. Hey.. wish I did not have to sign in – fill out > each time to post.. I love you r creations.. Please consider making more and hanging IN THERE.. YOUR GOOD AT THIS! Opppssss caps.. sorry~ :)

    • Musa says:

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    • Dua says:

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