Stylized: Retro Set

Go “Retro” in seconds with this new “Stylized” set containing another dozen actions! A variety of realistic and artistic effects are produced, and each one is easily customized to suit your image and preferences. This set, formerly for purchase only, is now available free of charge.

Stylized: Retro Set Actions
Stylized: Retro Set Actions


Take your pictures from ordinary to retro in seconds with this set of 12 diverse throwback actions. I’ve included a little something for everyone in this set — including 4 variations of the popular “aqua” effect, 4 actions which produce a reddish faded effect, two stonewashed actions which emulate faded early color prints/slides, a retro blue color shift action, and a warm yellow effect.

These actions cover the gamut from realistic representations of old photos to popular retro-esque artsy effects. Whether you use these actions as a starting point and then tweak them to suit, or whether you just “click and go”, this set will save you a lot of time.

All the actions preserve your original image in the layers pallete while adding fully customizable adjustment layers to produce the end result. When the action is complete, you can edit settings on each adjustment in order to produce the perfect effect for every image.




Photoshop CS and higher

File Size:

8 kb


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