Stylized: Sepia Set

Make professional sepia-tone adjustments in a flash with this set of 12 actions! Six of the actions make adjustments on color information present in the photo, and six of them produce a monochrome effect. This set takes advantage of various layer adjustment techniques which means that you have full control over the strength and opacity of the effect. These actions, formerly in a paid set, are now available for free!

Stylized: Sepia Set Actions
Stylized: Sepia Set Actions


Broaden your creative options and make powerful image adjustments in a snap with this set of a dozen diverse sepia-tone actions. Six of these actions retain some of the color information in the image, but add varying sepia effects to the color. The other six produce monochrome images with differing settings. These actions utilize simple-yet-powerful adjustment layers to apply the effects.

For the casual user, each effect is applied quickly and simply and leaves your image ready to save and/or print (although you should make sure to have a backup copy of your original image should you choose to flatten the image or save in a format that does not support layers).

For the more curious, advanced or professional user, your image is left unmerged and unflattend upon completion so you can tweak and customize any and all adjustment layers to perfection for each particular image! Although the default adjustments of each action are designed to produce a pleasant and useful result on a broad range of images, experimenting with adjustment layer settings, blend modes, and layer opacity will yield a number of derivative effects that may be more or less effective on your particular photo.




Photoshop CS and higher



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