Don’t settle for ordinary text — make it super! Here’s an effect to help you do just that.

SuperHeroes Action
SuperHeroes Action


his is actually an action set comprised of 6 different actions. The first creates the generic superhero text, the second gives a thinner 3-D effect, and the third takes the 3-D text into the distance.

The last three actions are “Modifiers”. These actions create a different effect on the action you’ve already run. However, you must stop the text effect as directed (at the prompt which asks whether or not to continue and merge layers) in order to run the Modifier actions.

I must say that credit for this action should not go entirely to myself. I was inspired by the very good tutorial at In fact, I basically ripped it off and put it into action form — with, of course, some of my own tweaks and changes.

The effects themselves can be customized quite extensively, including font, distortion, location and size of highlight, and color of the text. In addition, you’ll have the option of keeping the effect unmerged so you can fiddle around with the layer styles or run the Modifier actions..



Photoshop CS and higher


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