TackIt! Action Set

The “TackIt!” action set gives you your own digital bulletin board to tack up your favorite photos! This set, comprised of five actions, will take any flattened image, put it against a cork board, and enable you to tack the picture up! Formerly a paid set, you can now get them all for free.

TackIt! Action Set
TackIt! Action Set


With this snazzy set, you can choose between “Normal Photo” (no image bending), “Convex Photo”, “Concave Photo”, or “Polaroid Photo”, giving you a broad range of options. A large Photoshop file is included (easily big enough for 11×14 or larger prints), which is the tack artwork. You simply drag and drop the “Tack” layers (which are linked) onto your own picture when prompted, and then scale it to the right size to add your tack.

If you really want to get tacky (pun intended!), you can run the “Additional Tacks” action on an unmerged Photo effect. This action duplicates the first tack to create three more, pointed at different angles, and adjusts each one’s shadow to the appropriate angle. This makes it really easy to acheive a “four corners” tack effect, which looks amazingly realistic!

This is a very customizable set, as you can choose the width of the border you want around the picture (none at all, if desired), the amount of blur for both the picture and the tack, and the color, size, location, and number of tacks! The Photo actions also give the option of merging layers for easy incorporation of the effect into another picture, provided you don’t want to add more tacks.




Photoshop CS and higher



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