The “TackIt! Mini” action creates a web-ready picture tacked up on a bulletin board. This handy little effect has plenty of customization options, including the width of the picture border, the amount of shadow for both the photo and tack, and the color of the tack. For more feature-rich options for your TackIt! effect, see the TackIt! Action Set.

TackIt! Mini Action
TackIt! Mini Action


The “Mini” version varies from the “TackIt!” Action Set in that it contains the convex photo effect only, a smaller “web” version of the “Tack” Photoshop file, and the final output is limited to 600 horizontal pixels. All the other customization options of the paid set are available, except that you cannot add additional tacks.



Photoshop CS and higher


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  3. Thanks for the freebie. I tried the action, but I got stopped at the point where it ask me to open “tack.psd” I can’t find it anywhere. Does tack.psd come with the download?

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