This is an update which I’ve had on the back of my mind for years. I made my original flare brushes back in 2002 for Photoshop 7 (yep, you heard right). Consequently these brushes were small, and contained various sizes. Now you can download an entirely new and updated “Supersized” set that will allow you greater flexibility whenever you need to “apply a lens flare with a brush”.

Flare Brushes Supersized Volume 1
Flare Brushes Supersized Volume 1


An update to the original Flare Brushes of 2002, this set takes advantage of larger and resizable brushes (Photoshop CS and later). I have included 9 brushes in this set, all of which are very high resolution, so you can finally apply large flares for output to print, etc.

This set is not identical to the original set, but is similar in that the brushes are taken from the “Lens Flare” filter in Photoshop. I have included a few flares which point to the left and right for more flexibility and variation.



Photoshop CS and higher

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8.8 MB


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