Flare Brushes, Volume 1

The original set of flare brushes! Easily add flare wherever you want it with this set of 15.

Flare Brushes, Volume 1
Flare Brushes, Volume 1


Add flares to your Photoshop documents without using the difficult and inprecise Lens Flare Filter! With these brushes, you can “paint” on flares exactly where and how you want them. Even put them in their own layer for maximum flexibility. Plus, you can customize the size, color (a black lens flare, anyone?) and intensity of the flares. This set contains 15 flare brushes (5 different types, 3 sizes for each type). Choose from classic “Lens Flare Filter” style flares or 10, 8, and 6 point star flares.



Photoshop 7 and higher

File Size:

108 kb


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