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Prices Dropped on All Premium Effects!

Good news, actioneers! I’ve cut prices across the board on all the premium items on the site. If you’ve been considering one of the premium action sets, this makes it a great time to buy! Still not happy? How about a premium action set that is now completely free for the taking?!? See the price cuts and download the (now) free action set after the break.
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FinesseFX Blog Post

Welcome to the New FinesseFX!

In case you hadn’t noticed (really, you might want to hone those observation skills!), there have been a few changes here at FinesseFX lately. After months of planning, preparation, designing, coding, and refining, and trying to fit this project into a busy schedule, the new WordPress-driven site is finally live! So let me tell you a little bit about what I’ve been up to, the changes to the site, and plans for the future…
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