Got some questions? Look here first! I’ve posted some common questions and answers pertaining to the site and its content. Think I’ve left something out? Then send me a message!

Terms of Use:

What are your terms of use?

I haven’t written out a fancy, lawyer-like page with official “terms of use”, however, here is how I would ask that you use (or don’t use) my files:

  1. You may use any and all downloads on this site for personal and/or commercial use, without any payment other than that which may be required to download the file from this site itself. I do not require that you acknowledge me in any way when you use the files in your projects. However, any acknowledgment by name or by URL of this site (including online links to this site) is very much appreciated, and is helpful in continuing to promote my work!
  2. You may not sell, redistribute, modify (other than for personal use), or claim as your own, any download or other content on this site without my express written consent! To do so would be unthoughtful at best and lying, cheating and illegal at worst. I also ask that you not use my downloads to in any way defame, degrade, or blaspheme the precious name of Jesus Christ.

What if I violate your terms of use? Are you gonna come beat me with a broomstick or something?


General Site Questions:

You used to have a flibamajibbit on your old site. I can’t find it anymore. What up?

First off, I’ve found that there’s just not as much demand for flibamajibbits these days as there used to be. Seriously, though — I’ve migrated stuff from the old site onto a whole different layout and system. I’ve tried to forward the urls from the old site into the corresponding urls of the new site on popular pages/posts, however if your old link doesn’t work, it’s probably best to do a search here and see if what you’re looking for doesn’t pop up, and your world can return to normal.

For what its worth, I did drop a few downloads/misc other things from the old site (no more spammy forum — sorry, folks!) when I migrated over. If you’re really desperate to get a download that you can’t find, contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Downloadable Content:

Are the downloads compatible with Photoshop Elements?

Quick answer? Some yes, most no.

Long answer? Elements is just a different animal, and while some actions etc. can be made to work with Elements, I simply don’t have the time or gumption to test, debug, retest, etc. Sorry, y’all 🙁 . Most of my actions probably are not going to work in Elements. I’d be surprised if they did. Other types of downloads like brushes should be fully compatible. In other words, don’t purchase a download expecting it to work with elements if the download page does not list it as compatible! However, if you want to download freebies and try them, there’s no harm, no foul there.

What are actions?

A Photoshop action is basically a series of steps recorded by a user (such as myself), and packaged into a neat little file capable of playing all those steps back. Basically when you download and run an action, you’re watching someone else work in Photoshop! As I’m sure you can imagine, these little action files can pack quite a powerful punch.

There are a few caveats to this, however. For one, action files (.atn) do not embed any media. So for instance if I was recording an action in which I edited a picture of my Uncle Griswald downing a 2-liter Mountain Dew, you’re not going to have access to that picture when you download and run it. This is why most more advanced actions have “stops”, or little instruction screens that pop up in the middle of the process. This way, I can tell you that you need to open your own uncle image before continuing any farther. 🙂

How do I use actions?

If you’re new to actions, knowing what to do with them can be a bit perplexing. Here’s the scoop: Download the action, unzip it, and then look at what you have. You should have a folder with the action name, inside of which you’ll have a file with a .atn extension.

Double-click this file. This should open Photoshop (if it isn’t open already) and automatically place this file into your “Actions” palette (this is usually docked with the History palette, and can be accessed by clicking Window – Actions). Inside the palette you’ll see a folder with the name of the action or action set (more than 1 action). Click the little arrow beside the folder icon to open the action folder. Select the action you want to run and press the “play” button at the bottom of the palette.

If and when a message pops up at you while playing the action, read it carefully and do what it tells you to do. The action should run until all the steps are complete.

Some of your actions talk about an “Extra set of Contours”. What on earth is this, and what do I do about it?

The contours I refer to in some of my older actions are the full set which Adobe ships with the Photoshop CD. Therefore, you probably already have them on your computer (unless you did a custom installation, and chose not to install some of the extras). However, if you can’t find them, you may download them from this site via this link:

Original PS Contours

Once you have the contours on your computer, you’ll need to load them into Photoshop. The easiest way to do this is to use the Preset Manager (Edit:Preset Manager). From the “Preset Type” Dropdown menu, choose “Contours”. Then press “Load”. At this point you should see the contours added to this list. Now just press “Done”, and play the action! For what it’s worth, you may want to keep the contours file on your computer in case you need to re-import them again at a later time.

Purchasing, Payment & Delivery:

Why should I pay for any of your stuff? Doesn’t this blog make you wads of cash, anyway?

Actually I currently make no money off this blog itself. The only way the site pays for itself and brings in any cash for me is when someone decides to purchase something. If the blog takes off and generates more traffic, ad-generated revenue may (hopefully) ensue. In the meantime, if you like the content being offered on the site, buying a premium file not only gives you a professional product but also helps me continue to justify creating new content, both paid and free.

What methods of payment can I use?

The payment system on FinesseFX is integrated with PayPal. Of course, PayPal will also accept your major credit cards if you do not have (or do not want to create) a PayPal account.

How and when will I receive my download?

When you choose to buy a file, you are directed to PayPal’s site for payment. When payment is made, an email is sent out from FinesseFX to either the email you have on file with Paypal (if you paid with your PayPal account) or the email you specify in the form (if you paid with a credit card). This email will contain a link to your download.

Also, on the payment confirmation page, there will be a “Return to Merchant” button. If you want, you can click on this button to directly load a page with a link to your download.

I paid for a file, but never received my email with the download link. Now what?

First of all, check your spam folders to see if the email got caught in there. The emails with the download links will have a subject line of “Your Download Link from FinesseFX”. Make sure you’re checking the email account which is on file with PayPal (if paying via PayPal) or the account which you entered in the purchase form (if paying with a credit card).  If you still cannot find the email, please contact me and include your PayPal transaction number and/or the email address to which the download link should have been sent. If I can confirm that you purchased the file, I will be glad to email you the download directly.

What if something goes wrong, or I just don’t like it?

Please contact me. If you can’t get the download to work as you expect it should, I might be able to identify the hang-up and resolve the issue. If for some reason, you just don’t like the product, contact me and give me a short description of your complaint. This helps me in two ways: 1.) It helps me understand how I might be able to change/improve the product and 2.) It shows me you’re not trying to be a freeloader. 🙂

It is very important to me that you are pleased with the downloads and content on the site, and in particular, content and products for which you have paid money. It is my desire that your experience with FinesseFX be a pleasant one.

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