Blue Glitter Alien

After all these years, this effect still looks great. Will definitely add some pizazz to your project.

Old Paint Alien

“Old Paint Alien” produces a grungy, weathered appearance to your text. You’ll love watching this paint peel! Another plus is that the action always produces a slightly different effect so you’ll get a truly custom look each time.

Camouflage Alien

Keep your eyes peeled, because this Alien is covered in camo! This simple action brings a slightly ghoulish camouflage appearance to your text.

Candy Apple Alien

Shiny. Tasty. Red. No one doesn’t like a Candied Apple… especially when it appears in seconds on your screen!

Army +

Make your text blend in with this “camo” inspired text effect.

eMC +

Get smart with this unique text effect! See more details and download the action after the jump!

Knight +

This text effect takes you right back into medieval times. Download it for free today!