Autumn Leaves

This colorful, varied style set consists of leaves, leaves and more leaves. Perfect for fall or for a splash of color!

Legacy Set

Here’s a hodge-podge set of 12 styles that have replaced some of my old text effects.


Keep a fresh bouquet of roses on your desktop all year round with this of 8 beautiful styles!

Pseudo HDR

Took a great photo, but don’t have mutliple exposures to create an HDR image? Simply don’t want to spend the time creating HDR images? Then this action is exactly what you’re looking for! In just a few simple steps, this action will mimic that dramatic High Dynamic Range look.

FinesseFX Vignettes

Create beautiful and professional vignettes for your images quickly and easily with the FinesseFX Vignette Set! This comprehensive set was designed to allow photographers to apply a variety of vignettes very quickly while still allowing a high level of customization within each effect.

Crinkled Paper

Use these brushes to put your pictures through the ringer! Just as the title suggests, these high-res brushes were created from crinkled up pieces of paper.


Here is another complete makeover of one of my old text effects! Come see the softer side of text…