Prices Dropped on All Premium Effects (Now FREE)!

Good news, actioneers! I’ve cut prices across the board on all the premium items on the site. If you’ve been considering one of the premium action sets, this makes it a great time to buy! Still not happy? How about a premium action set  all premium sets that are now completely free for the taking?!?

New Pricing Structure

So let’s just get right to the dirty details shall we? Each of the premium sets has been lowered in price as follows:

TackIt! Action Set

Was: $5.99

Now: FREE (Donations accepted)

FinesseFX Vignettes

Was: $39.99
Formerly: $25.00
Now: FREE (Donations accepted)

Stylized: Sepia Set

Was: $17.99
Formerly: $15.00
Now: FREE (Donations accepted)

Sylized: Retro Set

Was: $17.99
Formerly: $15.00
Now: FREE (Donations accepted)

Now is a great time to take the plunge and get that set you’ve had your eyes on — or consider purchasing a premium action set and add some professional effects to your Photoshop arsenal!

One More Thing…

Yes, there’s one premium item missing from the list up there — the oldest and original premium action set, “Highlight FX”. This set includes 6 different styles of “highlights”, whereby you can make a portion of the image jump out and customize the effect so suit your preferences. This set was available to purchase for $7.99, but now I am making it available for free to all of you!

Get the Highlight FX Set for Free!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to share the news with your friends on Facebook & Twitter via the buttons below. And if you’re not already receiving updates like this one via email or RSS, just click to sign up via the buttons on the upper right of the page and stay in the know!

UPDATE (2017): 

All former paid action sets are now available, free of charge! I have added an optional donation button to the pages, so if you appreciate the content, you can choose to help me out. That’s always appreciated. 🙂

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