Autumn Leaves

This colorful, varied style set consists of leaves, leaves and more leaves. Perfect for fall or for a splash of color!

Autumn Leaves Styles
Autumn Leaves Styles


This beautiful set of styles was a lot of fun to create, and should be a lot of fun to use! Consisting of 12 unique leaf styles, this set will be good for that natural look all year long. All the styles have a seamless leaf pattern. The style names are:

  1. Golden Autumn
  2. Autumn Morning
  3. Autumn Sunlight
  4. Autumn Noon
  5. Autumn Evening
  6. Soft Warmth of Summer
  7. First Signs
  8. Autumn Moonlight
  9. Late Autumn
  10. Earthen Destination
  11. Seasonal Drama
  12. Fallen Glory




Photoshop CS and higher

File Size:

6.5 MB


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