Highlight FX Volume 2

Easily create dramatic and flexible image “highlights” with this set of 15 diverse actions! With inspiration from the original Highlight FX set, these actions are built upon the idea of emphasizing a particular area of an image. Formerly a paid action set, it is now available free of charge!

Stylized: Retro Set

Go “Retro” in seconds with this new “Stylized” set containing another dozen actions! A variety of realistic and artistic effects are produced, and each one is easily customized to suit your image and preferences. This set, formerly for purchase only, is now available free of charge.

Stylized: Sepia Set

Make professional sepia-tone adjustments in a flash with this set of 12 actions! Six of the actions make adjustments on color information present in the photo, and six of them produce a monochrome effect. This set takes advantage of various layer adjustment techniques which means that you have full control …

FinesseFX Vignettes

Create beautiful and professional vignettes for your images quickly and easily with the FinesseFX Vignette Set! This comprehensive set was designed to allow photographers to apply a variety of vignettes very quickly while still allowing a high level of customization within each effect.

TackIt! Action Set

The “TackIt!” action set gives you your own digital bulletin board to tack up your favorite photos! This set, comprised of five actions, will take any flattened image, put it against a cork board, and enable you to tack the picture up! Formerly a paid set, you can now get …